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Codename Dredge

Tony May

Codename Dredge
Previously Published Book
Fact-based Fiction

Staying alive in a strange land isn't always easy...
Eastern dredging corporation of Baltimore, USA has won a lucrative multi million dollar contract to build cutter suction dredges for a Bangkok headquarted Thai Government department.
Having no appreciation of Thai culture and lacking street smarts, Eastern’s owner rides roughshod over Thai authorities resulting in bribery, loss of face, mayhem and murder.
Tangled in the web of illegal under the table payoffs, rampant greed and deadly assassins riding black unmarked motorcycles, Eastern’s Bangkok-based "farang", frustrated and fearing for his life reaches out to the FBI for justice.



Book Reviews for Codename Dredge

A ripping story...
fast flowing intrigue
Kevin P. Leggett
One for you, one for me
Bernard Trink - Bangkok Post
Betrayal, hurt
Yvonne Bohwongprasert - "Horizons"
Codename Dredge:
Bangkok Post