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Cold Deep Waters

L. J. Hobson

Cold Deep Waters
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Cold Deep Waters on the shores of Botany Bay Australia becomes the setting and sympathetic home for the secret Hanover line. A family cast adrift, torn between two vastly different worlds. It is the true untold explosive story of Queen Victoria's secret life away from the world. It is also the story of my Great Grandmother Victoria and my Great Grandfather, her beloved John Brown.
The reader is introduced to Victoria and John Brown's three children; extraordinary lives commencing with an epic journey from England in 1884. The eldest daughter and archetypal Elsie Ursula, the steely and determined princess and my gran who becomes my dearest friend and informant to this story. Elsie's marriage into the Hobson line and her two siblings now all bonded together sharing pseudo and sanitised lives.
This is not just an autobiography. It is a time machine. A royal clock which stopped ticking 134 years ago. The deeply moving and lamented story of a forgotten royal lineage.
Was it destined to be forever lost?
A strong family bond forms with the connection of Cptn. William Hobson in negotiating the Treaty of Waitangi in New Zealand.
The freestyle prowess of Cptn. William Farrell Hobson owner of the prolific Coogee Aquarium baths Sydney Australia including a well publicised murder mystery.
The book is an unprecedented insight into the private lives of our family and events which unwittingly may have shaped the historic course of an empire.