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Colonel Ken's Hardship Posting

Stuart Lloyd

Colonel Ken's Hardship Posting
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Asian Fiction

Since Marco Polo returned from China and recorded his epic adventures, the trials and tribulations of expats in Asia have made for colourful telling - and re-telling -the world over. And no one captures it better than 'Hardship Posting'Ö

'Hardship Posting' remains on best-seller lists in many Asian markets, having been reprinted 4 times already and selling over 20,000 copies to date. Volume 2 casts the net wider - with twice as many contributors and twice as many cartoons. Pre-orders for Vol.2 exceeded the first 2 print runs of Vol. 1.

'Hardship Posting' Volume 2 contains a further 400 amusing and amazing anecdotes of ordinary expats in extraordinary situations, compiled and edited by Stuart Lloyd.

'Hardship Posting is like a greatest hits collection of expat yarns,' says writer and editor, Stuart Lloyd. 'This time round we've got stories going back to post-war Japan, and many more about the colourful 60's and 70's period. It's a warts-and-all expose of expat misadventure - so if someone's idea of rabble-rousing is spilling some champagne on their suit in the cigar bar of a 5-star hotel, this book is probably not for them!' adds Lloyd.

Lloyd himself spent 13 years in Asia but has once again co-opted Old Asia Hand and barstool philosopher, Colonel Ken Oathe, to add his politically incorrect narration and humorous perspective. Col. Ken also hosts the book's popular website.