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Counting Our Blessings 69 Days in Europe

Di and Bill Perkins

Counting Our Blessings 69 Days in Europe
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Di, an historian, and Bill Perkins, a geologist, are possibly on their last trip overseas and are determined to make it a memorable experience.
This collection of missives and reflections, sent to family and friends back in Australia, becomes a compelling account of the well-planned 69-day trip across Europe upon which they embarked in March 2012.
As you travel with them into all of these European countries steeped in history, you will not only be informed but entertained by their perceptive observations, and their open-mindedness about all they see and learn. This is an enlightening and captivating read. The travellers meet up with contacts in various parts of Europe whose own stories are also of interest. The Perkins' approach to travel is one of excitement and exuberance. Di Perkins writes with passion, always aware of the subtleties of the history and geography of each destination. The book is illustrated with Bill's evocative photographs.