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Crazy Remedies

by John Watkins

Crazy Remedies
Galley Release

Schizophrenia is widely perceived to be a severe and incurable mental illness most appropriately managed with drugs, neuroleptics in particular. Commonly referred to as anti-psychotic medications, these potent drugs are now given routinely to people diagnosed with schizophrenia or other types of psychotic disorder. Crazy Remedies provides up-to-date information about the effects and side effects of neuroleptics, together with a wide range of practical suggestions showing how to maximise the potential benefits of neuroleptic therapy, while at the same time minimising the possible risks.
The advent of a range of newer "atypical" neuroleptics has undoubtedly benefited many people. However, these medications and the mind-set that accompanies them have come to play such a central role in contemporary psychiatric treatment that it is not often realised that a host of contentious issues surround their use. How best to use these drugs ? indeed, whether to use them at all ? are questions that no one involved with schizophrenia can afford to ignore. This book draws on a wealth of reputable scientific research to tackle these questions in an informed and impartial way.
Crazy Remedies challenges the now widely held belief that most people diagnosed with schizophrenia will require long-term neuroleptic treatment, and that recovery is relatively unusual without it. This book shows how an holistic approach which treats body, mind and soul, can significantly improve the likelihood of healing and recovery, even for those with a long history of schizophrenia. Particular emphasis is given to providing information in a simple and clear form so that it can be put to immediate practical use.


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