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Culture Shock

by Robert Menzies

Culture Shock
Galley Release

As payback for a neglected and unhappy childhood, sixteen-year-old Helen plans the ultimate humiliation for her ‘respectable’ middle-class parents – giving birth to an illegitimate child. Deciding to adopt the baby out, Helen flees the sterile atmosphere of the family home and embarks on a journey of independence that takes her from the sordid world of drugs and prostitution in Kings Cross to the rugged beauty of Arnhem Land, where she finds true love and peace among the simple living Yolgnu tribe. But this idyllic existence can’t last forever, and Helen soon finds herself drawn back into the clutches of her scheming parents, where she is taken from the peaks of happiness to the pits of despair, climaxing in a tense and bloody fight to hold on to all that she values most.





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