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Curtin Express

by Mike Dixon

Curtin Express
Galley Release

Some things are best left unopened - particularly when they contain dark secrets. David Paget should have thought of that when he agreed to collect a suitcase from Hong Kong and take it back to Canberra. The contents belonged to the distant past and looked too old to be threatening. But appearances can be deceptive. Like a genie from a bottle the past rushed in. Events developed with frightening speed and David was propelled on a mad flight through the vastness of Australia, pursued by hired killers.
Mike Dixon was born in England and has a degree in astrophysics. He worked for a while at Canberra's Mount Stromlo Observatory and for the Australian public service. Illness in the family took the Dixons to North Queensland. There Mike earned a living in public relations and pursued his passion for scuba diving as a dive master taking tourists to the Great Barrier Reef. With his wife he built and operated a backpacker hostel. This was recently sold and Mike has more time for writing. His hobbies are bushwalking, geology and history.




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