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Cyril & Desmond's How-to-use Manual

George Lake

Cyril & Desmond's How-to-use Manual
Previously Published Book

It really is quite an incredible achievement. Cyril and Desmond take us on a larrikins' guide to birth, death and everything in between as well as throwing in the hereafter and pre-existence just for good measure. This unassuming book of ideas is an all-encompassing A-Z of everything.
The two characters brilliantly capture the essence of Australian banter … sarcastic, cynical, occasionally self-deprecating, and all infused with a wonderful ability not to take themselves too seriously. They take a sledgehammer to all we accept, either through laziness or ignorance and prompt us to question why. Rather than telling us how it is, Cyril and Desmond tell us not to unquestioningly accept how we are told it is.
In an interesting, amusing as well as an enlightening way, the two characters contemplate the unfathomability of our existence … quite thoroughly exploring the contradictions of Man's superior intellect and, ultimately, complete ignorance.
Using 'natural law' and even 'animal instinct' as benchmarks, many of the absurdities and contradictions which have somehow managed to become unquestionably accepted in Western society are put under the microscope. The underlying theme is balance and perspective and how it can be beneficially applied in our lives. This is a worthwhile, powerful and relevant book.