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Kiri Tsitouridis

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Historical Fiction

In late Antiquity, two men—father and son—are living reclusively on Mount Pelion, in central Greece, away from the ever troublesome world.
One night, Cyrus, Chiron's adopted son is unable to sleep and decides to take a walk in the cool of the night. His mind elsewhere, he slips off a cliff's edge and plunges into an icy river. Unable to win against the current, he succumbs to his wretched fate, only to awaken on a seashore amongst ancient legends and great heroes, in the middle of a ten-year war between the Greeks and the Trojans.
Cyrus manages to befriend the great warrior Achilles. He lives and at times fights side by side with the Greeks. He is exhausted by the physical and mental demands, his body is worn and broken, and his mind so confused, that when Steen, a young man from Oakleigh, a suburb of Melbourne, awakes from this recurring dream, the similarities and adventures of his life in the real world leave him confused and questioning his own sanity to his best friend, Ross.
Steen and Ross go on with their lives at break-neck speed, only to discover that how they envisioned their future turns out to be very different in reality. Finally, Steen manages to break away from his corrupt world, succeeding in leaving it all behind him, but with great loss and regret.