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Dandelion in the Wind

Geraldine Fennell

Dandelion in the Wind
Previously Published Book

Sometimes the wind pushes us along paths we don't expect to take, yet Nature appears to understand human frailty. As brave as a dandelion in the wind, Margaret survives many storms but still manages to stand upright.
Newly widowed, Brigid Ryan imparts the love of her Irish Catholic faith to her eldest granddaughter, Margaret. When Margaret's parents separate, it's the only solace the child possesses.
Migration to Australia, and her mother's life with David Wilson, brings a different existence, but Margaret's eventual marriage to Matthew Parkes reveals her instability, especially following the tragic birth of their first child.
Against a backdrop of masked infidelities, when her natural father dies Margaret's deteriorating mental state takes her into a suicidal depression. With medical assistance, Margaret has to find her Faith again and unearth her true self as she learns to be independent for the first time in her life.