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Darcy's Folly and Elizabeth's Triumph

Norma Jean Moseley

Darcy's Folly and Elizabeth's Triumph
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Fitzwilliam Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet, and Jane Bennet and Charles Bingley, are waiting to be married in a couple of weeks. A letter arrives for Darcy telling him that his his aunt, the Lady Catherine de Bourgh, is ill and that he must rush to her estate at Rosings.
He is loath to go, but Elizabeth insists, and he leaves reluctantly, promising to return for their wedding. But the Lady Catherine has devised a plan and through subterfuge and conniving, she arranges Darcy to marry her sickly daughter, Anne.
Elizabeth is devastated when she finds out. She forgives Darcy, but heartbroken she marries an officer and bears his daughter, while Anne bears a son, but dies in childbirth. Darcy retrieves his child from Lady Catherine saying she will never see him again.
Several years later Elizabeth’s husband is killed in the war and Elizabeth and Darcy are reunited and marry. But while their lives are sweet, there are always issues at Pemberley, trials of happiness and tragedy that underpin Darcy’s Folly and Elizabeth’s Triumph.