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Davidia and Grandma's Memories

by Ken Spargo

Davidia and Grandma's Memories
Latest Galley
Australian Fiction

Davidia and Slirander had the 'single' task of researching Slirander's grandma's memories for a school age based thesis. Not much was known about her history. Her memories were stored in a secret place inside the room with the waving hands wall.
What secrets did those memories hold? Was there danger attached to them? They visited the land of Pollital where the memory eaters stored all memories in various coloured balls. A memory eaten is a memory saved. There was no guarantee about its quality.
A visit to World War Two and the Blue Rat operating behind enemy lines had Davidia's life threatened.
A visit to a boarding school had them doing servile tasks under duress and Davidia was mistreated.
The Shadow was a female pugilist, agile and tough. She deserted Davidia who was a hidden spectator, being set upon by a baying male crowd in the boxing house where females were banned.
Death awaited them in Tombstone where they had to front as gunslingers against Black Bart. The female hostess of the salon had unsavoury ideas for the two girls. When imprisoned the girls were bullied with harm, threatened with knives and whilst in solitary confinement, managed an escape.
The desert sands led them to discover a female hostage who, once again did them no favours.
Who was the real grandma? Was she the vivid storyteller or was another truth hidden amongst the grey haired old lady with the road map face and non-fashionable attire?
The age thesis was delivered but with a twist from the British Government. What was it?




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