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Death by Choice

Vicki Hutchinson

Death by Choice
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I used to believe I was what some people would refer to as "normal" compared to others. My life was healthy, free and fun. I was brought up with discipline by my mother, security and values. The sudden news of my mother's terminal illness was the beginning of loss for me. My mother was a very powerful woman, and through playing hockey with her and being the only daughter, I had a very close yet distant bond.
After facing more tragedy, I became depressed and my resilience was low. My brother had committed suicide on February 25th 2012. As I work in the mental health services, I found this confronting and disappointing as I struggled to help him access help.
I wanted to share my experience as I knew that I am not alone with the experience of living with the impact of the suicide of a loved one. Writing this book has been helpful for me in collating significant details of my life and making public Philip's personal pain that led to his suicide.