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Demons At Dusk

Peter Stewart

Demons At Dusk
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Fact-based historical novel
Historical Novel

“…..every Australian should read this book. Demons at Dusk is an extremely powerful account of one of the most tragic and remarkable chapters of Australia’s history…reading it helped me understand my own country.”
Peter FitzSimons. Sydney Morning Herald.

1838 and the British Empire is expanding relentlessly. On a remote cattle station on the frontier of the young New South Wales colony a lonely convict hut keeper is forced to confront the power and greed, which drives that expansion.

One of the convict stockmen on the station invites a group of Aborigines to the station with the promise of protection from the bands of marauding troopers and stockmen who roam the countryside. The station’s convicts and their overseer develop close relationships with the Aborigines but the threat of violence is never far away. All must ultimately face some terrible choices – choices which reverberate across the colony and leave the young hut keeper struggling to find the courage to stand against powerful oppressors.

The story behind “Demons at Dusk” is true. It is a story of love and courage, betrayal and tragedy, mystery and deceit and the strength of the human spirit.