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Denied Destiny

by John Picken

Denied Destiny
Latest Galley
Australian Fiction

The year is 1970. Japan has the second biggest and fastest growing economy in the world and an insatiable need for energy and mineral imports. Goro Fuchida, a battle-scarred and charismatic scion of feudal warlords, has secretly convinced the Government that future prosperity will be dependant on Japan realizing its 'destiny' of total mastery over the region and its resources. This can only be achieved by war.
A repeat of 1941 is out of the question, but an overwhelming and unexpected military strike on Australia's North West is judged likely to succeed. Both Australia and America are bogged in the mire of Vietnam. Total secrecy is essential.
All hell breaks loose in Japan when an unconventional Australian intelligence agent is alerted to Japan's plans by a CIA colleague, and the Japanese discover that he may have revealed 'Operation Destiny' to Canberra. The Australian agent, an intrepid Australian girl with a love of Japanese culture, and the Japanese leader, Fuchida, are swept into a maelstrom of violence and subterfuge. Soon the Emperor himself is dragged into the crisis, and the future of Japan and Australia are at stake. Matters come to a dramatic and deadly climax. This exciting novel is based around little-known fact, contentious historical issues, and the sophisticated and exquisite culture of the Japanese warrior classes.




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