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Disturbance at the House of Lies

Ewin Genghis

Disturbance at the House of Lies

Everything is in your mind...

Alyssa has begun a career as a counsellor at the upmarket Donald Clinic for mental health.
To her dismay, this proves an increasingly treacherous environment and lives are in danger. Can she discover the truth about what is really going on before it is too late? After all, Alyssa's own name even means "Truth".
Yet everywhere she turns, all she finds are lies. For the sake of her own survival, the truth about the Donald Clinic needs to be uncovered.
Why then is Alyssa not telling the truth either? Why is she not forthcoming about the deaths associated with her own past? What is she hiding? Is everyone at this clinic a liar?
Are we about to discover the most frightening truth of all:
the truth about Alyssa; the truth about Truth?