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Divine Hayfields

Alison Trimper

Divine Hayfields
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"The watcher exhaled decisively and quickly stepped to the utility space at the end of the barn, selecting a long-handled pitchfork.
A few quick strides back to the body and the pitchfork was thrust with sudden savage force?"

Felicity Hathaway is found dead one morning in the stables of her thoroughbred horse stud. She is wealthy, successful and influential. She is also opinionated, forthright and accustomed to getting her own way. Who could she have infuriated to such an extent that she would be murdered?
The investigating police are severely restricted in their enquiries into her death because her family members, staff and neighbours all have secrets they are intent on protecting. Matters are made more difficult because some of the suspects simply decide to leave.
Can the two detectives locate all their suspects? Can Felicity's adult children come to terms with the death of such a powerful matriarch? Can the police prise out the guilty secrets? Can the revelation of their secrets help each suspect achieve some personal growth?