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Doing Us Slowly

by Deb Campbell

Doing Us Slowly
Previously Published Book
Political Science

You might have thought there is a debate about voluntary euthanasia going on in Australia  — but you'd be wrong.  Although there have been more than 25 attempts to change the laws about death, and even then by only a tiny bit, Australia is not even considering the real issues. Instead we are having a meaningless discussion where some are arguing against 'killing' and others require us to seek 'permission' to allow euthanasia for the almost-dead. Both arguments strip us of our free will. If the personal is political , why can t we make our own choice? To frustrate us, politicians censor free speech and inquiry, and dismiss the issue as 'fraught with … difficulties'. Meanwhile the mainstream media stay captive inside a restricted agenda set by the major political parties.
But Australians have spoken: we want meaningful change to the laws about death. What sort of changes should they be? Doing Us Slowly argues they should be changes that allow personal choice, agency and autonomy for all of us.



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