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Double Deception

Stephen May

Double Deception
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When establishing the identity of the victim of a near fatal automobile accident proves puzzling, determining the motives behind his strange activities is even harder. As they delve deeper, the complexity of his life starts to unravel, and with it, the realisation that 'truth? itself can be a nebulous concept.
Enquiries uncover beautiful women and immense wealth, though progress would be swifter if they knew just who's life they are looking into. Is the real Alan Harper the carefree, sports car driving sensualist, or the staid, conservative workaholic? Are they one and the same, or are they different? And what drives a man to the brink of insanity as he seemingly deludes both himself and all those around him. The only thing for certain, is nothing is certain.
Spanning four decades, Double Deception depicts how ambition, tragedy, repression, guilt and lust quite literally meld two lives into one, creating a complex web of lies and deceit, corrupting an innocence once so dearly cherished.




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