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Dragon of the Second Moon

Christian Tamblyn

Dragon of the Second Moon
Previously Published Book
Science Fiction

Finding himself resuscitated on a fertile world, exiled through the chasms of space, is only the first of many overwhelming surprises for Alex Hall. To survive he must completely forget every fundamental assumption of his previous life. Here, none of those rules apply and he must adapt quickly to the hazards of this untamed wilderness and its mysterious, unexpected inhabitants.
After disastrous initial encounters he is ultimately befriended by Coenrell, a nomadic forest mage. With this guide he slowly discovers the complex secrets of the forest, this strangely divided society and even learns of his own hidden magical talents.
Circumstances draw him irresistibly into the growing troubles that engulf the forest and threaten outright war between the two halves of this ancient race, already eternally divided by feuding. Bizarre creatures created by a rogue wizard, against the rules and ethics of both cultures, begin appearing in ever increasing numbers to destroy and disrupt the lives of both sides.
Can Alex survive long enough and learn to use his untapped talents to tip the balance in this war and what is the special link that draws him time and again into deadly encounters with Jibahal, dragon of the second moon?