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Dream Nemesis

by Matthew Mason

Dream Nemesis
Previously Published Book
Sci Fi

Set twenty years in the future within a context of passion, action and ever present danger, the Dream Saga searches the depths of an arcane and mystic lode to inspire the creation of a dazzling future. Dreams are seen by most as little more than a catharsis for worn out lives, but outlaw activist Reimas Caledan opens the doors to the astral and discovers an incredible potential. A stunning meeting in space, a cultural slap in the face, the forging of a secret alliance to do battle with an alien power-the entrenched nemesis of everything humanity stands for. Challenging, daring, adventurous and occasionally erotic, the Dream Saga explores an age in which every assumption about society and moral order is under fire. More than just science fiction with machines and muscle, this is also a saga about people facing a hidden threat to the very existence of their world.




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