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Bonita Gail

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Australian Fiction

The first time she laid eyes on him, Justine Kendall knew Bradley Lawrence was the one for her ? Brad, hair dark as Cadbury Old Gold and eyes like the Tasman Sea midafternoon on a clear blue day. No forgetting Brad had the yummiest smile she'd ever seen. At the age of nine he made her heart skittish.
Years after — what seemed to Justine a sentence growing old enough to be noticed — it came: one warm summer night, given the chance he kissed her. From then on in she had him hook, line and sinker!
Justine Kendall, the forbidden kitten and little sister of his buddy Dean.
There was no getting the girl out of his head, but some way, somehow, he had to. Romancing the Squirt, the brat girl he'd sworn to protect, would only end in trouble. Trouble no one needed.
Two years on Brad was still no closer to a solution, using other women as a shield, whilst Ben Matthews cropping up out of the blue gave Justine reason to smile again. He knew how to properly treat a woman, show her a good time and let his true feelings be known, unlike the other guy tormenting her day and night.
So, why did Brad have to give her a hard time about her new boyfriend from the city? The big brother act was wearing thin, believe it or not. And Brad was no closer being a brother than he was her lover, a decision he made entirely on his own — screw what she thought.
Eighteen, independent and yearning for attention, it was up to Justine what she wanted. More importantly, who she should tangle with in bed at night, and perhaps the rest of her life. If only she could choose between Ben the big city boy or Brad the hero — her dreamboat since forever — and not have her heart splattered in the meantime.
Dreamboat is an enthralling and uplifting modern romance set in Bicheno, on Tasmania's east coast, which is sure to keep you reading until the end.