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Droplip: Take it or Leave It

Robyn J Keating

Droplip: Take it or Leave It
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Self Help

Abook full of little pet loathes loves and funnies of the many different hiccups in life the everyday person may be challenged. From A-Z it can be said there's something in it for everybody. Whoever is reading this booklet, will be looking for something to grab onto. Human interactions have been questioned for centuries by all walks of life. It's not about to stop any time now. This is a collection of thoughts from the mind of a boggled-up, botched-up survivor-to-thriver who knows there's got to be some point to all this mish-mash we all put ourselves through. It will be simply dribble to some onlookers and if that's the case, well then, all hail thee to dribble. Droplip is a sign of strength in vulnerability. It means stop and think what made one drop one's lip. On writing this book and re-reading what was written, the writer had Droplip syndrome many times over, which lead to deep thoughts of unravelling messy compartments entrenched in the brain and emotion, leading to inner freedom where spaces within never expected to arrive at. Enjoy the crazy journey!



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