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Dual Carriageway

John Considine

Dual Carriageway
Previously Published Book
Australian Fiction

Set in Sussex in the United Kingdom in the early part of the twenty-first century, this novel follows the often difficult life of Shane Willing. Shane was born, it seems, under a bad sign. From an early age, he acquires a reputation of one who is beset by misfortune. Things just don't seem to go Shane's way — and as we examine his life as a young policeman in his native village of Wilchester, we watch on, appalled, as the Fates tease and torment him: cruelly tempting him with worldly delights — only to whisk them away again the moment his poor, defenseless heart is opened and exposed. Shane's story provides us with a poignant reminder that men, too, can be grievously vulnerable in matters of the heart.
Shane has an identical twin brother, Barry. Why is it that Barry's life is not dogged by the same crippling misfortune as his twin's? But then, perhaps it is… Dual Carriageway is a study of the unique relationships between twins — the implicit awareness, the shared chemistry and…the peculiar differences.
But it is also a story of self-discovery; a tale of triumph over the mystical forces which would, seemingly, intervene to promote chaos and hazard. And in that, the novel brings a refreshing affirmation of the power of self.
John Considine is a writer with a sharp eye — and an even sharper mind. He gives us a front row seat amid the turmoil of mounting disasters until finally, a gentle and soothing light appears on the horizon.
Poor Shane. Is his future to be determined by the Agents of Fortune? Or by his duplicate DNA? Is the life of one clone mirrored by its effigy? Or can a pathway of self-determination be found — even for the hapless and the hopeless?