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Echo Of Evil

Sally Graham

Echo Of Evil
Previously Published Book
British & Australian Fiction

A straightforward investigation becomes increasingly threatening when a historian unearths a number of strange events from the past which begin, disturbingly, to affect her own life. The eventual revelation which will haunt her forever makes for a compelling read. Sally Graham weaves her dark tale with subtlety and skill.
What the critics are saying about Sally Graham's novels ... 'Elegantly written. Intriguing and involving but, above all, a thoroughly enjoyable read.'  - Fiona Byrne, Sunday Herald Sun Melbourne.
'Sally Graham's writing sets the scene and breathes life into her characters.'  - Wendy O'Hanlon, Book Editor, Whitsunday Times 'Sally has a warmth in her style that cannot help but involve the reader.'  - Simon Townley, The Geelong Advertiser 'A really refreshing, thoroughly enjoyable novel. Impossible to put down.
Canit wait for more from Sally Graham.'  - Gina Allen, The Observer' Sally Graham's Northaven seeks to be, and is, more than a light romance.'  - Michael Jacobson, Gold Coast Bulletin



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Elegantly Written
Fiona Byrne - Herald Sun