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Emily's Destiny

by Allan Pritt

Emily's Destiny
Previously Published Book

Set in Cumberland (now part of Cumbria), shortly before the start of the Second World War, the story moves from industrial Workington to picturesque Keswick in the heart of the English Lake district and tells of Emily Wilsonís journey to escape from a life of fear and poverty. It takes her on a roller-coaster ride of highs and lows and to scenes of violence and death. Emily marries well and appears to prosper but an act of betrayal sees her comfortable world come crashing down. In the wake of disaster, Emily strives to rebuild her life but in another twist of fate a policeman links her to three deaths that have officially been deemed accidental. Once more in poverty, Emily is accused of murder. She sees a way out after finding a rare and valuable book. A rival threatens her life unless she gives it to him. The book becomes the pawn in a deadly game of survival for Emily, as she has to contend with the rival as well as the police who would see the book as a further reason to kill.





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