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Ends by Any Means

by Ian Ingleby

Ends by Any Means
Galley Release

Out of character, an Australian journalist visiting Singapore on holiday becomes an international crime-fighter and assassin for a cause few could argue against.
It all begins when Roger Biggs meets a US anti-crime official, herself an assassin.
Roger's target is an organised crime group in the Middle East working with corrupt officials in Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos to establish and control a tri-nation bloc by stealth.
His cover is a US-supported public relations company in Malaysia. Its secret agenda is the destruction of the organisation and the elimination of its Middle Eastern leaders and Asian collaborators. His modus operandi involves deception campaigns to create distrust within the organisation and expose its leaders to capture, interrogation, torture and death.
The trigger for Roger's barely controlled anger towards the criminals is the horrific death of his Malaysian-born Indian girlfriend. Roger's eagerness to eliminate his enemies even surprises his US colleagues and a particularly patriotic but cruel Myanmar general.
Throughout this journey the violence of events is relieved occasionally by asides about Asian creeds, customs and locations. On being successful he returns to relative normality although US officials offer similar jobs elsewhere with attractive incentives.





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