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Escape to Death

Richard Le Normand

Escape to Death
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In 1947 Marcel, Peter and Gerda, working for a special branch of the secret service, run an escape route from Germany, through France and Spain, to their castle on the Portuguese coast. The clients are minor war criminals; each one carries a case of gold, stolen from their concentration camp victims.
Unbeknown to the escapees, on arrival at the castle these Nazis are taken out to sea by launch to a non-existent freighter, eliminated, and their gold recovered. This is their 'escape to death' . . .
Karl, a distant relative and protégé of Adolph Hitler, hopes to revive the Nazi party and become the second führer of Germany. He arrives in Portugal from South America to find out what has happened to his colleagues and the gold.
Marçel, Helga and Gerda, having survived the motor accident that killed all the clients, arrive at the castle to find total carnage. Stephen, Marçel's boss, arrives from London to help, and to cover-up the operation.
So begins a cat and mouse game in which Karl tries to kidnap the girls and recover the gold. Mick, an Australian survivor of the Spanish civil war, becomes involved with his ketch and a classic battle between good and evil is played out on land and sea.