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Everything in its Place

Beverley Buckley

Everything in its Place
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Beverley Buckley did not realise that information she accessed during a meditation session held on a rainy Saturday afternoon in Sydney early in the 1990's would transform her life and the lives of hundreds of others. Following the meditation, she wrote that her higher purpose was “to access information that would allow people to remember and understand that they have the power to heal themselves and to be whatever they choose to be”. Understandably, she was skeptical that the information she had accessed had any basis in reality.
A decade later, Beverley understood the process by which people could heal themselves but it took much longer to convince herself that what she had discovered wasn't just something she was imagining. She called the process Stress Defusion and it facilitated bringing information held in people's sub-conscious minds to conscious awareness. In many cases, it meant encouraging people to face their deepest fears.
Without medical training Beverley needed to understand the process she was working with. Without understanding she could not explain it. This required years of research to identify information from mainstream scientific research that supported what she was seeing. It involved assembling information accessed by hundreds of people in order to identify and understand the patterns of peoples' lives and indeed, the patterns of humanity as a whole… and it involved seeing what happened over time when people who worked with the Stress Defusion process.
Everything in Its Place tells the story of people who sought help to heal their lives. It explains how they created their lives to be the way they were — and what they needed to do to change the things in their lives that they didn't like.