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Facing the Music

by Brian Smith

Facing the Music
Previously Published Book

When a crane failure on the CityView high-rise development puts two of his men in hospital project manager Mike Georgiou knows he has a serious problem on his hands. The incident is the latest in a sequence of disruptions that are putting the project way behind schedule. He plunges deeper into trouble when his boss, who has threatened to replace him, is injured by a hit-run driver and Mike is suspected of being the culprit. At home, things are no better: relations with his wife are strained, his sister's partner is beating her up and his father continues to press him to join the family's greengrocer business. The more Mike tries to clear his name, the more he is trapped in a world of standover men and devious business deals. The way ahead leads to theft, treachery, mugging and murder. At least there is Carla?





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