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Faith, Hope and Prayer

Rita Megale

Faith, Hope and Prayer
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Most of my married life I took it for granted that I had found a special someone out there for me, no questions asked. I had married the man with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life, have children and watch them grow. We would become grandparents and spoil our grandchildren until it would drive my children “nuts”.
However, that was not meant to be. My husband left me when I was six-and-a-half months pregnant with our third child, leaving me with two teenage boys as well to raise on my own, after sixteen years of marriage.
After finding myself on my own with a new-born (another son) and two teenage boys on the brink of destruction, I turned to the only person to whom I knew I could cry out. My father.
With his strength, knowledge and wisdom, not only was he my rock, he had told me, “God will provide”, and he did. God had given me a gift of knowledge that only he could understand.