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Far Out Fauna

by Billy Munro

Far Out Fauna
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Beat around the BUSH? Being a freckly-faced, bare footed 'sandy' haired little Aussie roughie who spent a lot of my early life as a kid in the 'scrub', animals were a big part of my life, and were looked upon as an extension of the family. Dad was (in those days) a stockman. My mum was 'mother' to countless birds and animals. I was taught to care for and to respect them from an early age. Later in life I started a radio program called 'The World of Pets' and supported the cause of animal welfare. So to compile the drawings in this book and to give animals human traits was easy for me - like second nature! You can colour them in too! So join in some great Aussie lifestyle and enjoy yourself with the most weird and wonderful lot of Australian characters you could ever meet!





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