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Far Way from the Brewery

by Isolde Martin

Far Way from the Brewery
Previously Published Book

This book is not fiction. This is the story of the author's life as an expatriate, and takes the reader on a journey through five continents and seven countries.
In her frequent moves from country to country and from continent to continent, the author invites the reader to share the pleasures, the richness, the personal gains, and the high emotional costs of such a nomadic lifestyle for her and her family. The author details her struggles to adjust as she learns to live in each culture, experiencing both blunders and successes. She explores her journey towards integrity and inner balance, and shares her growth as a person.  This is a story about the psychological, social and cultural effects of a modern nomadic life. The author's own story illustrates and clarifies the psychological processes at work. Those who have lived under such circumstances or those who are embarking in it now can learn to understand and perhaps even anticipate their own responses better and thus master the stress of international life more successfully.





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