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Faraway on an Island

Liz Newton

Faraway on an Island
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In 1979 Ruby O'Leary follows her dream, only to find herself on an island in the Pacific Ocean, about ten degrees south of the Equator. Sailing with her husband, their yacht Windward is tossed in a storm, leaving Jack strangled to death on his lifeline.
Rescued, Ruby wakes in a haze, as she's greeted by the islanders and other locals. She is disturbed by screeching sounds coming from the middle of the island at night. No-one seems willing to tell her what they are.
The sight of Reverend Mitch Wilson, who looks like a caveman, shocks Ruby. She's wary of his ability to carry out the funeral service for Jack, but she has no choice as Mitch is the only church minister on the island. Ruby soon learns that Mitch's version of faith connects well with the islanders, who respect and protect him.
As Ruby struggles with her grief over Jack, she eventually finds herself trapped and alone with Mitch, where his tormented soul, secrets and strange habits are revealed. Over time their personal journeys enable each to muddle through conflicts, crises, traumas and distress.
Immersed in island life, Ruby's inner longing lures her to stay, which entwines with Mitch's yearning for something lost.