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Flower Power Energetics

by Sana Turnock

Flower Power Energetics
Previously Published Book
Self Help
New Age

You are invited to delve into the mysterious world of aromatic plants ? specifically essential oils and bush flower essences. Take the ultimate botanical, spiritual and creative journey towards inner healing, harmony and empowerment. Folk lore, anecdotes, research and scientific development are the ways you engage the aromatic plant realm ? in the bottled form or their organic state.
Flower Power Energetics in Action moves beyond essential oil and bush flower essence profiles and into a world of nature and energetic connection. Not only will you read about plants and gain insight into their unique qualities, you are given the opportunity to explore them through activities and techniques that promote joy, creativity, spiritual and personal development. Overall it informs, educates, entertains and inspires you to take action ? flower power action!




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