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Footsteps to Nowhere

David Hortle

Footsteps to Nowhere
Previously Published Book

It’s 1980 and, in the shadow of better known political dictatorships, the isolated island state of St Christopher is in the uncompromising grip of lawyer Dean and his cohorts who have stepped over the line that separates duty from personal gain. Laws on St Christopher are designed to suit the personal needs of those in the powerful echelon and to maintain the status quo. Opposition is disposed of, the media is muzzled and the right to a free voice is denied.
Colonel Stavros controls all security forces. He carries out the wishes of the corrupt Dean with a ruthless efficiency, but has his own agenda – he aims to assume total command.
Footsteps to Nowhere brings dictator Dean up against the determined Sandy McGee, who heads the underground movement. Under threat to his family, Sandy recruits popular sportsman Duncan Andrews who, together with the feisty Fiona, challenges the system. Isolated from the rest of the world with no resources to call upon, the small group of resistance fighters takes on the security forces. The enforcer has to be removed. Whether that will be sufficient to force a return to freedom remains to be seen.