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Fragments from a Forgettory

Doug Buckley

Fragments from a Forgettory
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“Enjoyed immensely.” John Morrow: “Insightful political opinion ... humorous memories ... takes the mickey out of himself ... the boy from the bush has lectured at international universities and lived abroad, but always proudly calls Australia his home ... My Pick of the Week.“

This cornucopia of reflection, comment and humorous insight is good-humoured, witty and sometimes opinionated as it draws the reader into the Australian experience from the beginning to the present. A spiritual journey of a kind recorded via a cascade of personal thoughts, wry insights and slyly humorous musings, offered always in a kindly, invitational tone. David Claydon, Ambassador-at-Large, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization: “A most interesting book … Christians in the work place can have an influence on political and bureaucratic practices. In this autobiography we can see how to immerse oneself in the political arena, the business or the bureaucratic world and have an impact for the gospel.” Bishop Michael Challen: “Engaging ... challenging ... refreshing and helpful.”

A compelling read about an outstanding, versatile Australian life that is also a journey through half a dozen of the non-native tribes of Oz, told against the historical backdrop of a British and Irish convict underclass creating an often-envied antipodean democracy. Wendy O'Hanlon, Acres Australia: “A pure joy to read ... pure gems ... priceless ... Australia at its core ... Doug holds no punches in his opinions and descriptions of the evolving political, social and religious climates ... writes with great wit and humour about the many Australian characters he has met ... and scoundrels he hasn't ... chronicles his own spiritual journey ... I can't praise this book enough. Beautifully written, it is a great gift from a great Aussie.”