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Fragrant Harbour

R.R. Lycette

Fragrant Harbour
Featured Release
Historical Fiction

An exciting story of battling adversity to find success and love among the teeming millions of Hong Kong.
Three young members of a Chinese commune risk all when they decide to flee the cultural revolution and make the treacherous swim to Hong Kong. For one, their desperate bid for prosperity and freedom comes to a tragic end.
Danger mounts when Woo Sing kills a man who threatens to hand them into the authorities. Terrifying nights spent living on the streets follow until she and Wa Hing find safety with an elderly relative.
Now begins the real fight for survival; they face a world where few can be trusted and the ruthless triads control every aspect of daily life.
Woo Sing battles disastrous personal and business setbacks when lured into life among wealthy English and Cantonese society. Wa Hing fights to escape the brutal activities of the triads. As their love grows, so do the darker forces surrounding them.
Two vibrant lives entwined against a thrilling, colourful and detailed backdrop painted by an author who has been there, seen that.