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Frawd and Other Species of Thought

Kevin Vodden

Frawd and Other Species of Thought
Previously Published Book

Frawd is one of thirty surreal tales which contrive to expose the psychological insecurity of the living being (not necessarily human) by leading it, her or him to question all that there could be to question: What am I? Where am I? Why am I here? Does anything that appears to exist really exist? Can I trust what my own senses are telling me, or am I the victim of some kind of elaborate deception? If so, why me? And why now?

While the collection may be appreciated for its more evident entertainment value, each tale contains a deeper meaning, which may or may not be easily discovered. These stories (or 'snapshots' in time and space, as many are) cast doubt upon anything that may or may not be perceived to be real: from the vague visions experienced in sleep, to the startling reality of the hallucinatory effects of drugs, hypnosis or trauma; from the way we perceive ourselves as members of society, to how we see our wider role as constituents of the universe.

Frawd and Other Species of Thought portrays a range of unusual, eccentric and vulnerable characters and places them in a variety of contexts which are often amusing, occasionally shocking, but always thought-provoking.