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From Barren Slagheaps to the Majestic Barron Falls

Kevin P. Leggett

From Barren Slagheaps to the Majestic Barron Falls
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Traverse the world's oceans, wrestle man-eating pythons in tropical Australia, trek through the jungles of Africa, wend through the Canadian Rockies, swelter in the piercing heat of the Arabian Desert and confront a Sumatran Tiger all part of one man's dogged struggle to recapture his lost love
In 1965, I saw Charles Boyer perform 'Where Does Love Go, When it Goes Away', written by Don Addrisi. Although a spoken piece, a few words were sung. I didn?t hear them.
Love surely could not go away but eventually it did, it had been tormented and neglected. I would follow; I would find its hiding place and coax it to return. This was my solemn promise. I watched my elusive love leave; and after she had flown, followed at a safe distance to discover the answer to that song. I did find the answer but the result was catastrophic.