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From Horse & Cart to Rolls Royce

by John Carlshausen

From Horse & Cart to Rolls Royce
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John Carlshausen's family history is peppered with highs and lows, great joys and tragedies. In Germany, his family held positions of immense power and worked hard in their chosen vocations. His great-great-great Grandfather was the Grand Duke of Frankfurt, Germany as well as Chief Financial Advisor to the richest man in Europe and played a pivotal role in the early history of the Rothschild Banking Dynasty.
Three generations later, his Grandfather died virtually penniless. His uncle began his last day on earth by drinking in a hotel at 10am on a Monday morning and being murdered late in the afternoon of the same day.
The diary entries and images in this book portray 100 years of family history in Australia — an interesting and informative one. Join John on his journey from a Horse and Cart to a Rolls Royce.




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