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From Wireless to Wallabies: a life of Norman McCance

by Janet Werkmeister

From Wireless to Wallabies: a life of Norman McCance
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Norman McCance was one of the stars of early radio in Melbourne. He became immensely popular during the second half of the 1920s for his broadcasts of wrestling matches for radio station 3LO, now known as 774 ABC. But his work over 60 years encompassed far more than wrestling. He was the Argus newspaper's State Political reporter for many years and for both the Argus and the ABC made radio broadcasts of major events such as the first international flight to Melbourne in 1926. For a decade in the 1930s he wrote and broadcast one of the very first morning news programs. In his later years he became better known as a naturalist, his lifelong passion for animals becoming his profession. He wrote a nature column for the Weekly Times for over 24 years, right up until the age of 81, answering inquiries from readers all around Australia.





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