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Frozen Chosen Revisited

Maurie Pears

Frozen Chosen Revisited
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With the Royal Australian Regiment and the United Nations Forces and its Allies in the Korean War.

This is a personal story of the experiences of a Subaltern and his 7 Platoon C Company, 3rd Royal Australian Regiment (3RAR Old Faithful)) including observations from serving members of the British Commonwealth Forces who faced the enemy in the front line where the war is won or lost. Other observers and historians have made a priceless contribution to this volume and its tribute to the Australians with the UN Forces in Korea 1950-53.
The Diggers thank them and their families,
who held the fort at home.
"The diggers fought with courage and determination and we dashed forward to the enemy myself waving a 38 Pistol. I was just a bottom feeder on their performance. They were the heroes and not me."