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Gaunasala Ni Bula: Road of Life

by Keith Gregory

Gaunasala Ni Bula: Road of Life
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Gaunasala Ni Bula is a Fijian term for the “Road of Life.” It reflects what has been my road of life in many ways. My life has been one where I have likewise had to endure some very testing times and often it has felt like there is only a narrow road that is keeping me sane and alive. The fact that I am both is an absolute miracle with many witnesses — Christian and non-Christian — who can testify to that fact. This book is not only a story of my rather miraculous survival against some trying odds but also a testament of my own Christian beliefs, which feature prominently. My purpose is not to preach; rather, it has to clearly demonstrate what the case was. There is an old conversation that begins when a man who has a lousy boss asks God, 'Why are things the way they are?' God tells him, 'Well, you know what it is like to be treated roughly, so now you know how not to treat other people.' As you read this book, the purpose of its title becomes very relevant indeed.




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