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Genesis of Memory

by Joyce P Johnson

Genesis of Memory
Previously Published Book
Sci Fi

Imagine realising you are not who you thought you were, you do not even originate from the planet you are on? This is the dilemma that Nareena must face and come to terms with, coupled with the responsibility of saving her race and her planet.
To help her in this mission is her one true love, Lucas. Their love story is at the heart of this intergalactic adventure where they must overcome all obstacles to not only be together but to rescue their planet, Begaria, from a persistent enemy whose main aim is to destroy her. Our two heroes encounter many surprises and a mythology that ties Begaria to Earth before they can achieve the freedom of their people. Even then an underlying threat persists and Nareena must depend on the information supplied to her via dreams from the ancestors and the DNA gifts that have been implanted by these supreme beings to solve the never ending puzzles of her existence.
The love she shares with Lucas is her one constant in a battle to liberate, rebuild and nurture her world. Everyone depends on her and she depends on Lucas who is always her salvation.





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