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Genocide Under the Red Sun

Roostam Sadri

Genocide Under the Red Sun
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This book has been written about the struggles for survival of three generations of an extended Tatar family who lived through the most turbulent periods of Russian, as well as Chinese, history. It also contains the first chapter explaining the religious background of the majority of the Tatar nation now spread out throughout the world.
Tatars were subjected to assimilation policies by both the Tsarist and the Soviet regimes, causing them to resist such policies for many generations. The most turbulent periods of the 20th century have been briefly depicted in this book as the background of the struggle for survival by the family, who eventually succeeded not only to survive genocidal policies of the communist regimes of Russia as well as China, but to also come to Australia to live prosperous and happy lives by working hard to establish themselves in their new homeland.
All the events described in this book are based on true historical facts, most of which can also be derived from the bibliography at the end of the book. If there are any errors or omissions, they are the author's only and nobody else should be blamed or held accountable for them.