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Going Walkabout Through The Suburbs

Robbie Lloyd

Going Walkabout Through The Suburbs
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Increasingly, people in westernised societies are seeking connection with meaning beyond the shopping mall and stockmarket reports. Material consumption and economic rationalism so dominate their lives, little of value remains - it’s all been sold of for someone else’s profit. In the midst of plenty for the few “shareholders” there is poverty, neglect and disadvantage, among those people of difference, whose lives are ignored in the race for success, power and privilege. Going Walkabout gives everyone a chance to “sit, wait and listen” to a wisdom from a higher power.
This book explores that other dimension of consciousness available to all, who are willing to learn from indigenous ways of knowing. It also explores the lessons from those living with mental illness and intellectual disability - great teachers for us all. And the addictive cycle of capitalism encourages many to continue escape behaviours that never lead to relief, but often drive people to despair - until they surrender to a higher power. Such may be the necessary cycle for all westernised late capitalist societies. Meanwhile, going walkabout may lead some to see what they can hear when they really listen.

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