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David Finchley

Gold Standard
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Dr Andrew Marshall returns to Melbourne's prestigious Prince Charles Hospital after three years in London.
While Andrew was away, Dr Jeffrey Harris, Head of Department and Andrew's mentor, had made a ground breaking discovery. He had found a cure for a deadly form of brain cancer. This discovery has put the department and the hospital on the world map.
Andrew is excited to take up his new position. He is also apprehensive as he will be working along side his former partner, Lisa Wallace, whom he abandoned to further his career in London.
Soon after starting work, Andrew discovers anomalies in some of the patients' medical records. Dismissing these at first, he eventually becomes concerned that Dr Harris' actions in his quest for the cancer cure may have been unethical and even illegal.
Andrew finds himself compelled to search for the truth, even if the consequences could be disastrous for the department and ruin his mentor.