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Grab a Fistful of Crazy

by Green S.K.

Grab a Fistful of Crazy
Galley Release

From the putrid streets of Phnom Penh, the forests of Guatemala, the Cayes off the coast of Belize and all the way back to the seemingly safe surrounds of Melbourne, join freelance soldier Jason Farrelly on the frontline in a new age of warfare. He does the ‘jobs’ most men wished they had the nuts to take. Jobs that are not necessarily ethical or moral, while others the tabloid press label great blows against ‘evil’ and ‘tyranny’, all however appeal to Farrelly’s sense of adventure. Disgruntled and disillusioned, Farrelly is approached out of the blue by his shady former section commander in the Australian Regular Army now working in the intelligence world, to assassinate a Thai terrorist in Southern Thailand which then sets him of on a path only known to a few. Farrelly tackles extremists, drug lords and corrupt bureaucrats while befriending gangbangers, gorgeous girls and the odd helpful local along the way. Jason Farrelly breaks the mould.





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