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Great Aunt Mabel

by Mabs Waters

Great Aunt Mabel
Previously Published Book

This story belongs to Mabs. It has never ceased to amaze her that all these extraordinary things could have happened to one so ordinary.
From the calm waters of the mouth of the River Murray in South Australia, to the furious gales of the Red Sea, she has indeed experienced a life worth living, along with a heap of newsworthy details in between. The reader is taken on a journey from her early days in Goolwa, to the political scene in Canberra in mid-winter, followed by a leap into the heat and fish sauce of Bangkok to life in the Middle East in Beirut. Along the way she met and married Mick, an airline pilot, and so began their introduction into the boating fraternity.
With very little modern gear and questionable sailing qualifications, they set forth up the Red Sea with calm confidence, into a somewhat unsteady world which was both alarming and frightening. In this book, she tells us about it all.




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